What you need to know?

Australia is currently the fastest-growing destination for international students. Due to cultural diversity, friendly native people, and a high standard of education, many international students chose to study there.

Depending on your educational background, students may enrol in one of the following programs:

1. A twelve (12) month Pre-University foundation leads to the first (1) year of an undergraduate degree.

2. A twelve (12) month or Twenty Four (24) month Diploma leading to the first (1) or second (2) year of an undergraduate degree.

3. An Undergraduate Degree

4. Pre-Masters leads to the first (1) year of a postgraduate degree.

5. A Graduate Diploma

6. A postgraduate Degree

Students can apply to study in Australia after completion of one of the following academic programs:

> O Levels
> AS Levels
> A Levels
> IB
> Foundation*
> Diploma*
> Undergraduate Degree
> Masters degree for PHD entry
*must be from a recognised bodies

Admission can take up to two (2) to six (6) weeks, depending on where the student applies.

Academic Year

The Australian Academic year runs through from February to November, with multiple commencement dates available. Most common are February/March July/August and October/November. 

Australia has one of the highest and reasonable standards of living in the world.

On average, an international student in Australia should budget for AUD$ 21,041, approximately KES 1M per year.

Included are accommodation, food, limited entertainment, public transport, and incidental costs. You could spend more or less depending on where you live and your lifestyle.

The ACE team will assist you in obtaining accommodation either on-campus, off campus accommodation and homestay.

Australia has a health cover system for International students known as Overseas Health Cover (OSHC). Every student must have this cover for the enrolment duration as it is a requirement for the Australian Student Visa application.

OSHC covers any medical or hospital care you may require while studying in Australia and contributes toward the cost of prescription medicines and ambulance services in case of an emergency. OSHC does NOT cover Dental, Optical and Physiotherapy.

The Australian Government allows international students on a valid Australian student visa to work up to 40 hours per fortnight (approx. 20 hours per week) during the semester and full time in their holidays.

Work is not guaranteed, and students who do manage to find a part-time job, find that they may be able to earn enough money to cover some to most of their living expenses only.

It is legally impossible for International students to earn enough money to cover their tuition (school) fees and living expenses while working within the stipulated working hours in Australia.

The  Team will guide you on the Australian Student Visa Application. From filling out the relevant forms, compile the required documentation, and upload the application electronically to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) visa application system. Also, we will book your medical examination and biometrics for you.

The visa processing time is three (3) to four (4) months after your application is uploaded. Each student visa application is unique and individually assessed.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) makes the final decision on the application's outcome.. 


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